What Is Cyberbullying?

Children's lives exist in a variety of places such as school hallways, jobs, and neighborhoods. Many children now have lives on the Internet – a place where bullies have followed them. Online bullying is called cyber bullying. Whether you've been a victim of bullying, know someone who has been bullied, or have been bullied yourself, there are steps you and others can take to stop the internet dangers of bullying and
be safe online.

Bullying is a problem that affects millions of people of all races and classes.
One third of all children are bullied and Nearly 50% of kids have been bullied online.

The issue is so serious that some children and teens are tormented to the point of committing suicide, or what is now called Bullycide. Creepsquash offers a way for parents to be more aware of cyber bullying and their children with a safe and effective monitoring solution that helps protect against bullies in the #1 place where kids and bullies congregate – on Facebook.

Real Children. Real Problems. Real Pain.

how can i stop bullying

How Can I Stop Bullying On Social Networks?

Cyber Bullying Stories: How Real Is The Threat?

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Bullying and Cyber Bullying Statistics

Playground Statistics - Every 7 minutes a Child is Bullied

….Did You Know that Only 7% of U.S. parents
are worried about Cyberbullying?

Look for the Signs

Bullying is Not a normal part of growing up, despite popular belief. Children will experience conflict with one another, but bullying is intentional cruelty and harassment. It causes irreversible emotional, physical and mental anguish, even sexual abuse. Bullying behavior can set the stage for a lifetime of pain, and can lead to suicide. The consequences of bullying are serious.

Tips for Parents and Children:

Be proactive – Don't let a situation start affecting your child's life (at school or home) before seeking outside assistance

Use the resources (teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, SROs) at school to help

Look for witnesses who may be able to help if a situation arises.

Learn to limit what you (as a student) say about others when they are not there in order to limit conflict.

Stay Aware of what is happening online and in your local community. Protect your children by monitoring their online activity that will keep them safe without invading privacy.

Remember that As a Parent, You are Your Childrens's Best Resource.
Talk to, Educate, and Support them.

CreepSquash provides the most comprehensive monitoring solution for parents to keep kids safe on Facebook. The innovative technology works from anywhere a child accesses the site, and offers Exclusive Features that combat online predators and help parents become aware so they can take action before it's too late.

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