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The Average Facebook user has 130 friends
Article of Facebook averages and demographics - sheer size and time spent on Facebook highlights the need for a monitoring and safety first approach by parents. Read Article

Google includes your child's information in searches
Ensure Google does not include your child's information in searches with this "how to" video Facebook account to Private and then ensure strangers cannot send them unwanted contact. Watch Video

Facebook safety seen through a child's eyes (1 min)
If only all our kids understood Facebook is part of normal social development in their peer group, but does need guidelines to protect as it is a dangerous place.

The Risk Begins with a friend request
One simple message or accepting a friend request invites strangers into your life. So only accept Facebook friend requests from people you know in the real world!

Quality over Quantity: You do not have to be "friends" with everyone to be popular
A simple article with sound advice. Use Facebook Privacy settings, don't put up things like your full birth date or address – as parents, keeping kids safe on Facebook is ensuring they are informed and they should be able to monitor their own profiles. Read Article

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"What a simple way to keep me less worried as a parent and let my children have their own sense of freedom on Facebook."

- Rachelle S.

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