How does the Free 30-Day Trial work?

1. Complete your CreepSquash Free Trial Sign Up.
2. You'll be able to monitor one child's account for a Full Month at No Cost.
3. You can cancel anytime during the Free Trial Period and you won't be charged the regular
    $6.99 monthly fee for protection of one child ($8.99 Flat Rate for Multiple Children).

If you wish to continue using CreepSquash protection after your first month, do nothing. Your CreepSquash membership will automatically continue and your Paypal account or Charge card on file will renew each month at the standard rate for the plan you selected. You may cancel membership at anytime with no further obligation . The Free Trial is limited to new members only. One account per household.

What do I get with my Membership?

When you sign up for CreepSquash you have two plans to choose from:
Single Child Plan for $6.99 a month or the Family Pack Membership for $8.99 a month. Both plans offer CreepSquash protection at the same great value. The only difference is the Family Pack offers a flat rate for multiple children (up to 5). Membership is based on a month to month basis with no long term contracts.

CreepSquash Members Enjoy:

  • Unlimited Access to All of CreepSquash protection features, adding great family value at a low price
  • Full coverage of your child's Facebook account with automatic e-mail alerts sent directly to you
  • Notifications of new friends, tagged photos, red word flag excerpts of inappropriate content
  • Awareness of suspicious friends and activities that may be dangerous to your child
  • Protection anywhere your child goes online. CreepSquash technology works inside Facebook so it is attached directly to the account
  • Access to Facebook Safety and Privacy features and ways to ensure maximum protection
  • Up to date resources on prevention of internet dangers so parents can stay aware and keep kids safe online
  • No long term contracts or commitment. Monthly based membership offers the best protection & value
  • Discount for Large Families: Now offering protection for households with up to five children at a discounted monthly rate

Do I need access to my child’s Facebook account?

Not Directly. Since CreepSquash is an application designed to protect children on Facebook, we need permission in order to authorize access. The CreepSquash software acts as a filter and is the best option for parents who want to protect children at a safe distance, without invading their privacy. You are notified when there is potential danger, so you can make more informed choices as a parent and step in or step back when you need to.

There are Two Ways to Activate CreepSquash:

  1. Obtain your child’s Login and Password and enter it directly, or
  2. Send an Activiation E-mail – this lets the child authorize access through an e-mail link

How am I notified of suspicious activities or behavior?

CreepSquash technology notifies you through e-mail alerts with an excerpt of the message or language in question. You will also receive messages when your child has been tagged in photos, or when new friends are added, to be reviewed at your discretion. The goal is to help parents become aware of activities and behaviors without snooping or spying on children, offering them a sense of privacy and allowing them to feel safe at the same time.

What are "Red Word" Flags?

Red Word Flags are triggers that alert parents of common word deviations and acronyms used in private
e-mail messages, instant chat and wall posts that frequently indicate an online predator, bully or inappropriate friend is interacting with your child. These words also serve as early warning signs of potentially harmful behaviors such as thoughts of suicide, drugs, sex, violence, etc., so that parents can be aware and take action when necessary to ensure family safety.

Our comprehensive red word list includes thousands of terms, phrases, and words that are considered to be inappropriate or deemed socially offensive when used in a certain context. If any of these words are triggered, you will receive excerpts of the E-mail or instant message so that you have the opportunity to review the language and take action as the parent.

What is "Social Proof"?

Social Proof acts as an authentic verification of one's social life through two degrees of separation. The CreepSquash Social Proof feature rates each of your child's friends based on mutual friends, friends of friends and tagged photos. Advanced algorithms make this feature stand out as the only monitoring platform available with such an effective system to detect and ward off online bullies and sexual predators who frequently use fake profiles to lure children.

What Are Online Predators?

Online predators are not always what they seem. Most people associate a predator type with the clichéd middle aged married man in a trench coat with a crooked mustache hanging out at a school playground. But the reality is many predators are young men or women in their late teens and early twenties who are well liked and mannered, and seem very normal and non-threatening. They usually blend in well and are very clever in positioning near areas where children congregate.

With a growing number of children on Facebook and very little parental control or site regulation, the social network has become a haven for predators. Parents want to know about inappropriate behavior and potential threats to kids online. Every parent wants to ensure their children are safe from dangers of the internet. Online protection starts with awareness. CreepSquash answers the call to help parents become aware so they can take action before it's too late.

What Should I Do If I think My Child is in Danger?

Each situation is a case by case scenario as there is no single approach to take when it comes to keeping kids safe online. CreepSquash provides parents with information and awareness, to ensure communication channels are there for parents to take necessary action when it's appropriate.

Awareness is the first step for parents who want to ensure child safety on the internet. When an issue presents itself, parents should review the full context of the communication and other circumstances to determine the most appropriate course of action. CreepSquash recommends open, frank (non-confrontational and supportive) and direct conversations between parent and child on what has transpired, with a caring and loving approach in a positive manner.

Terms, Renewals and Cancellations

By using CreepSquash, you are subject to the Terms Of Use. We do not require long term contracts or hidden fees. Membership is renewed monthly and you can elect not to renew your membership at any time. If you wish to turn off the automatic e-mail alerts, you can change the settings under account details. Account Renewal settings can be changed directly through Paypal. If you no longer wish to be a CreepSquash member, visit your Account Details to cancel membership.

Why Does CreepSquash Focus Solely on Facebook?

Studies show Facebook as the world's #1 place kids congregate in the millions. With a growing number of users and access points to the social network, Facebook is quickly becoming the most common place Bullies and Predators seek out their victims. With only 13 percent of parents who monitor their children's Facebook activity, this leaves 87 percent of children unprotected from internet dangers.

CreepSquash focuses on Facebook Safety 100% because that is where kids are. Parents want to know about inappropriate behavior and potential threats to kids online. Facebook is the predominant social platform where relationship contact is often initiated and developed. It is also the largest online community in the world with a growing population of children, with the least amount of regulation. Every parent wants to ensure their children are safe from danger online and CreepSquash offers parents that peace of mind.

Can I Protect More Than One Child?

Yes! Parents can monitor multiple children on Facebook for a discounted rate. The CreepSquash Family Pack offers protection for up to 5 children for a flat monthly rate of $8.99. Our goal is to make sure no parent is left behind in the fight against online danger. CreepSquash offers the most value to everyday families who want to protect their children online. Join Now

Is CreepSquash Just for Kids or Can I Monitor my Partner or Spouse?

CreepSquash is a permission based service, so as long as your partner or spouse consents to the monitoring, you may sign up for an account and monitor whoever you like. If you do not have the user's login credentials, you must supply their e-mail address where they can activate CreepSquash through a link via E-mail. The application is designed to reflect a variety of communications and language that may be inappropriate for children or adults, regardless of age or gender.

How Does CreepSquash Protect My Information?

CreepSquash is a division of Featherbrooke, Inc., a U.S. registered corporation. CreepSquash does not see or record Facebook login information or store payment details. When you connect through Facebook permissions are accessed directly through their network. Paypal is the service provider for all payment transactions and any information entered goes directly through their site. CreepSquash does not store payment details. Personal information such as contact details and E-mail address are protected under our Privacy Policy.

CreepSquash offers a way to help the cause and make money. How does this work?

CreepSquash has an affiliate program for parents, teachers, organizations, and affiliate marketers who want to make extra cash by promoting the cause! It’s simple, help us get the word out and earn money while you make a difference. Click Here to learn more about our Cause Affilate Program.

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