Our Partners - CreepSquash works with top organizations and advocacy groups that aim to educate and promote safety and anti-bullying awareness to countless children and parents nationwide. You can search among them to see what these valued partners might be able to do for you and your community

Referral Program
The CreepSquash Referral Program is designed to help you generate additional revenue streams with your existing customer base and help you grow your business through recommendations and links on our partner page as an added value solution to your existing product or service line. Join our referral network and increase your profitability, offer an award winning Facebook parental monitoring solution to your customers, and take advantage of the opportunity to work with a cause that gives back to the community and contributes to making the world a safer place for our children.

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Affiliate Program
Designed as a two-tiered system, the CreepSquash Affiliate Program provides a way to generate commission for sales or through your existing referral network, or directly through your Web site or advertising channel. Sell CreepSquash members on our monthly subscription based system through the ShareaSale network and market CreepSquash by placing links with a host of graphics, selling points and promotional incentives provided through our marketing program.

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Strategic Partnership Program
Our Strategic Partnership Program is designed for businesses and organizations with a substantial customer base who want to leverage CreepSquash resources to increase family safety and boost profitability. Create a private branded version of the CreepSquash Facebook monitoring solution, or add the technology to existing products or services. The partnership also provides an opportunity to grow your customer base through partner link trades and automatic recommendations of your business to the Facebook friends of every new member during the take-on process. Contact us today to bring a child safety technology directly into your portfolio.

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Our Partners

JM Safety Consulting
"The Decisions You Make Today Can Affect Your Tomorrow"

Internet safety partner Joseph Melone of JM Safety Consulting is a 16 year veteran police officer and detective providing awareness and education through speaking engagements to teachers, parents and youth groups to help them better understand the dangers of cyber space, predators, drugs, alcohol and gangs. With a no nonsense approach, he offers valuable information and a real world understanding of how to use this education to better protect children in the online world. Aligned in a joint effort to keep kids safe online, JM Safety Consulting works with CreepSquash in protection and prevention efforts online and in the real world. Learn More

Child Safety For Parents
Nothing is more important than keeping kids safe - especially when it comes to missing kids, child molesters and Internet pedophiles. Operated by a mom and child advocate, this web site is designed to help parents find the facts they need, the tips they want, advice and other helpful information from parents and experts alike. As an online partner, CreepSquash and Child Safety for Parents are working together toward awareness, education and prevention of danger. Don't panic. Be prepared. Learn More

Perfection On Wheels
CreepSquash has aligned with Perfection on Wheels and their Bullying School Assemblies program, offering a discounted software package to all qualifying schools. Perfection On Wheels visits over 700 schools nationwide. Learn More

Perfection on Wheels Bullying School Assemblies Perfection on Wheels Bullying School assemblies

Protect Children Online
A Father and Advocate for Internet Safety for Children, Bill Latchford started www.protectchildrenonline.org as a way to promote awareness and education of parents and children alike to the threats and dangers the Internet can pose to our children. Whether it is Internet predators, cyber bullying, or any other online danger, the threat is there, and this site is a great resource for advocates and educators everywhere. Be a Parent! Learn More

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