The internet is a great tool for our children to use for research, education, personal interests, and to socialize with friends. Unfortunately there are many grave dangers of the internet that compromise family safety that parents need to be aware of. One of the major internet dangers is the presence of the online predator.

If your kids are using Facebook, then predators already have access to your child. Studies show Facebook as the world's #1 place kids congregate in the millions. Facebook is also the most common place online predators seek out their victims. Most predators set up phony profiles to lure children in.

Parents want to know about internet dangers and potential threats to kids. Every parent wants to ensure their children are safe from dangers of the internet. Online family safety starts with awareness.

The Shocking Truth:
How To Make Sense Of The Digital Footprint And Ward Off Predators

More Online Resources And Predators in the News

Real Life Predators Caught in the Act
See online creeps in action with To Catch a Predator on NBC Dateline. The documentary style television show depicts the harsh realities that parents face every day. Facebook is often the first point of contact and Creepsquash is the sure way to stop them in their tracks.

More Predators Caught in the Act
View Another Predator video here and See More Predators Caught

CreepSquash provides the most comprehensive monitoring solution for parents to keep kids safe on Facebook. The innovative technology works from anywhere a child accesses the site, and offers Exclusive Features that combat online predators and help parents become aware so they can take action before it's too late.

"The freedom to connect to the world anywhere at anytime brings with it the threat of unscrupulous predators and criminals who mask their activities with the anonymity the Internet provides to its users."
-Mike Fitzpatrick, U.S. Congressman

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"Getting started with Creepsquash was a very simple process and it's so easy to use, even for such a computer illiterate person like me."

- Chelle M.

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