CreepSquash parental monitoring app for Facebook offers financial benefit to those with a cause

Effortless monitoring software app offers parental control over kids on Facebook and works toward making a difference in the world with affiliate cause alliance

San Diego, CA, November 18, 2011: Newly founded CreepSquash software app protects children against danger and works as a financial benefit to organizations who support the cause. Proven effective against cyber bullying, online predators, sex offenders and toxic friends, CreepSquash is a safe, easy to use web-based monitoring software application that promotes online safety and offers an effortless yet effective solution to parental control on Facebook.

Creepsquash is a permission based service that works as the only application that saves time for parents who want to protect kids from a safe distance without invading privacy. With no usernames or passwords to remember, the easy to use application also requires no download or software. With a growing number of users, CreepSquash just introduced a new incentive for supporters and organizations with related causes to earn 33 percent back from premium memberships they refer, through its' cause affiliate program.

Designed for parents and organizations, CreepSquash makes promoting the cause easy with a unique wallpost alliance component. The cause affiliate program is a way for parents and organizations to generate more earnings for their own cause while making a difference in the lives of children everywhere. For every premium user that signs up, each affiliate earns a profit and doubles as a catalyst for change in the way kids are protected online. CreepSquash is the best way to promote a worthy cause, make a difference, and benefit other organizations that ordinarily rely upon members, social networks and fundraising abilities to survive. It's a win-win for anyone who believes in a cause and has a child, or knows one.

An estimated 93 percent of teenagers go online, and one in every three has experienced cyber bullying or online sexual harassment, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. With 800 million current users ( around the world, the internet is causing an inevitable decline in parental control. Cyber bullying is a major concern and is causing detrimental effects to children everywhere, including teen suicide. At the same time, the number of sex offenders and online predators is growing, especially in social networks where they can target children and isolate them in the world where parents don't exist. With photos, videos, and personal details posted in plain sight, such as age, sex, location and other information, parents can ease their worries with CreepSquash.

Following a Freemium model, founder and CEO Kevin Potter said "CreepSquash offers deep value in the free service, with an upgrade to the premium version for a low annual fee to increase the level of protection around your child," said Kevin Potter, CreepSquash founder and CEO. "The web demands simplicity in ease of use and free value and we have developed the service with that in mind. CreepSquash is designed for parents as one of the biggest impact free services available."

The founder, Kevin Potter, is a father of five kids who live online. His idea for CreepSquash came from a growing concern over how much time his children spend on Face book and how each of them potentially interact with people they meet online. With more than 600 million current users ( from around the world and no real parental control, the social site is a perfect place for creeps. "The purpose is to monitor activities that appear suspicious and to protect my family against possible dangers that may be lurking in this online world," said Potter. He wanted the application to be simple but effective. With options that alert parents when a child adds a new friend, an email is sent with profile information and access to photos. The product was designed with simplicity in mind.

"Creepsquash follows a Freemium model where deep value is in the free service, with an upgraded version which includes a low annual fee to add a higher level of protection around your child," said Potter. "The web demands simplicity in ease of use and free value and we have developed the service with that in mind. Creepsquash is designed for parents as one of the biggest impact free services available."

Creepsquash is a free service is built on the premise that children should have a sense of personal privacy. It is only in the event that certain words are triggered in conversation that CreepSquash intervenes. Some examples are emails or instant messages including keywords about sex, drugs, bully threats or requests to meet in person. The application is designed to alert parents through email transcripts, informing them of any suspicious activity. Creep Squash is a simple two step application to create a non-invasive but incredibly effective protection that allows children to socialize and engage within the Facebook world. As it is exception based, the child maintains a level of privacy that they value.

Creep Squash is a division of Featherbrooke Inc, a start-up based in San Diego , that focuses on building content and value for families in the online world. For more information on this service, please visit, or contact at

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