The Following Stories Depict Real Life Situations that happened as a result of Internet Dangers and the children affected by them. Each case involves Bullying, Cyber Bullying or those victimized by Child Predators. Parents and teachers can use these stories to show kids the reality of dangers of the internet and educate them on the importance of how to be safe online.
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"I hope my song will help those that are starting to feel torn down — to rise up! Don't let anyone make you a victim. They aren't worth it." –Megan Landry, Bullying Victim

Facebook Sexual Predator Claimed 55 Victims
Facebook can be a highly dangerous place, especially for naive and impressionable teens. The Internet is teeming with predators, and if your teen comes into contact with but one of them, their life could be ruined forever. In fact, just recently, a case in Australia proved exactly just how dangerous it can be. John Zimmerman is a 26-year old who used to be the tour manager of The Getaway Plan, a teen band which is now inactive. Zimmerman was recently laden with 87 charges, particularly 23 counts of sexual penetration of a child... Read More

Gang-Rape Victim's Horrific Facebook Ordeal
Just when we think we've already heard the worst, a 16-year-old Canadian girl is raped and drugged by a gang of boys and men, and the photos go viral on Facebook.The first time the girl was victimized was at a party where, it is believed, she was given a "date rape drug" (unclear which) and raped by a half-dozen men and boys. Police in suburban Vancouver said the assault was "'violent,' leaving the girl with undisclosed injuries," according toThe Globe And Mail. Perpetrators were both minors and adults, and one 16-year-old boy may be charged... Read More

Facebook Crimes on the Rise, Experts Warn
Facebook crimes ranging from scams to online bullying are on the rise, and they are getting more sophisticated, experts warn. It's no secret that scammers on the social media website rely on carefully crafted baits that often include scandalous and explicit video content or exclusive footage of the latest and hottest events, from celebrity death claims to never-before-seen footage of a natural disaster... Read More

Inmates Harass Victims via Facebook
Lisa Gesik hesitates to log into her Facebook account nowadays because of unwanted "friend" requests -- not from long-ago classmates but from the ex-husband now in prison for kidnapping her and her daughter. Across the U.S. and beyond, inmates are using social networks and the growing numbers of smartphones smuggled into prisons and jails to harass their victims or accusers and intimidate witnesses. California corrections officials who monitor social networking sites said they have found many instances in which inmates taunted victims or made unwanted sexual advance... Read More

Facebook bullies left rape victim 'terrified'
A 13-year-old rape victim and her family were threatened with revenge in a hate campaign by Facebook bullies for reporting her attacker to the police, it was reported. The schoolgirl was attacked by a 15-year-old "sexual predator" in an alleyway before being found naked from the waist down by dog-walker. Her parents, who had been trying to find her, reached her on her mobile phone to hear some of the attack and their daughter screaming "stop it". But after the family went to the police, the teenager was branded a "lying little skank" on the social networking site and told her home would be set alight unless she withdraw her evidence... Read More

Two Sisters from India Lure Facebook User To His Death
Two sisters from Bangalore, India allegedly lured a budding engineer – Tushar Kumar – to his death in a kidnapping and ransom plot gone terribly wrong. According to a report on, the perps – sisters Shivaniand Preeti (using fake names Poorvi and Varsha respectively) got the victim's phone number from his Facebook Page and then called him, falsely claiming to have gotten his contact number from the other popular social network in India – Orkut. One of the sisters then expressed an interest to be "friends" with Tushar and offered to meet him and "chill out". After the unsuspecting victim and his friend arrived... Read More

Facebook Group Posting On Sex, Drugs Leads To Threatens Student
Facebook has become an additional headache for parents of teenage school students, with so much of bullying, solicitation, robbery and false rumors occurring everyday as a direct result of Facebook status updates, page and discussion forum postings. Recently, a Facebook page dedicated to rumors of sex and drug use led to threats against a local school near Chicago. TribLocal reporter Megan Craig reports that a Facebook discussion page that includes Warren Township High School student postings with rumors about alleged rampant drug use, sex and other personal information on campus led to threats against one particular student... Read More

Hacker Uses Facebook Status Updates To Post Nude Pics Of Victims
It is every woman's nightmare. For almost a year, George Samuel Bronk, a 23 year old computer hacker from Citrus Heights, California used Facebook status updates by various women across the world, to hack into their email accounts and post nude photos of the victim on her own Facebook page! The California Attorney Attorney General Kamala D. Harris revealed details of the horrific crime and the guilty plea entered by the defendant on the 7 felony he was charged with. Bronk allegedly targeted his victims by scanning Facebook status updates... Read More

Woman Killed Over Facebook Comments
In this day and age, we have to be careful about what we post on Facebook. There's a lot of wisdom in the saying, "One man's freedom to swing his fist ends where another person's nose begins" – and that's something we'd do well to remember each time we say something on a social networking site. A lot of people have already had to pay dearly for offensive status updates, comments, photos, etc., but one woman had to pay the ultimate price – her life... Read More

Burglar threatens victims on Facebook from his jail cell
A burglar who was jailed for three-and-a-half years threatened his victims from behind bars - with a Facebook warning that 'your time is coming'. While serving time at HMP Dartmoor, Lee Fitchett wrote, with appalling grammar: 'won't 4get those 3 f*** heads who put me in prison 4 3y 6m but my day is coming and so is theres and they won't see it coming'. The 29-year-old, was imprisoned in August 2010, after being found guilty of raiding a friend's house on Christmas Eve... Read More

School Principal Creates Fake Facebook profile to spy on students
Teacher and student interaction on social media sites has been the subject of much controversy and debate. Some believe social media is an effective tool that educators should embrace, while others believe that unsupervised social interaction on sites like Facebook and Twitter are inappropriate and a recipe for disaster. A new twist in the Social Media Vs. Education saga has surfaced in the Clayton School District located in Missouri. Dr Louise Losos, a high school principal within the district, resigned recently after rumors circulated that she created a fake Facebook profile to spy on students... Read More

Facebook Photo of Bound Daughter Leads to Father's Arrest
Just recently, a photo of a little girl gagged and bound started circulating on Facebook. It was allegedly posted by her father, 21-year old Andre Curry, who also wrote "This is wut happens when my baby hits me back." Note the little smiley face, because that will come into play later on. Due to the shocking nature of the photo, it went viral and soon garnered the attention of the police. They arrested Curry and charged him with a felony count of aggravated domestic battery. Curry has now been forbidden any contact with his daughter or any other minors... Read More

Predator On Facebook Ends In The Murder of Ashleigh Hall
An online predator killed a 17-year-old girl he met and groomed on Facebook. The 32-year-old posed as a 16- year-old boy to befriend Ashleigh Hall on the social networking site. But within hours of their first meeting, the teenager was dead; bound and gagged and dumped in a ditch by a country lane. Ashleigh left her house at 7pm on Sunday, telling her mother... Read More

Teen Nona Belomesoff lured into Death Trap by Facebook Predator
Rescuing injured animals is all Australian teen Nona Belomesoff wanted to do. Instead, her best intentions led to her murder by a 20-year-old man who used Facebook to lure her on a trip to save injured animals. Twenty-year-old Christopher James Dannevig is charged with murdering the young woman at a creek south of Sydney. Belomesoff's body was found two days after she went on the trip with the man. Detectives believe... Read More

Facebook bully causes irreversible damage with little punishment
A bully that used Facebook to threaten and manipulate teenage girls was sentenced to one year of detention. He got off way too easy. He pretended to be someone else and told girls he was going to hurt or humiliate them the next day in school unless they exposed themselves or performed sexual acts in front of their computer... Read More

The first Facebook bully is sent to jail, the terrifying story
A new fan club has popped up on the social networking site Facebook. With 367 members unified in their vociferous support of the fan club's figurehead, it bears the pointed title: 'Keeley Is Not A Bully.' The club is the brainchild of Nicola Houghton, Keeley's devoted mother, who is determined to clear her daughter's name. Keeley, 18, is serving a three month sentence in a young offenders' institute, having been found guilty of harassment on Facebook. Her sentence... Read More

Sex Offender on Facebook gets caught for raping 13-year-old teen
A 22-year-old registered sex offender faces statutory rape charges involving a 13-year-old girl he met on Facebook. The Rowan County Sheriff's Office has charged Steven Lee Odom, with three counts of statutory rape/sex offense and soliciting a child by computer. Odom is also charged with filing a false police report and use of a social networking site by a registered sex offender... Read More

Facebook Predator Guilty of Raping Multiple Adolescent Girls
A 26-year-old Texas man was arrested for sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl. During the investigation police learned that the man had sexually assaulted at least five other girls. He met his victims on Facebook and MySpace. District Judge Rex Emerson sentenced Ramirez to a 99-year term and a 20-year term in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The sentences will run consecutively. Two other 99-year sentences rendered for the remaining felony sexual assault charges will run concurrently. Ramirez trolled the Internet – Facebook and MySpace, specifically – for potential victims. After gaining their confidence... Read More

Online Sex Offender Kidnaps, Murders 12-year-old Boy
Accused child-killer, cab driver and convicted sex offender Brian Horn will face the death penalty if convicted on heinous first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping charges against 12-year-old Justin Bloxom. The 34-year-old was arrested the same day Bloxom's body was found in a watery ditch in the woods. District Attorney Richard Johnson says since then, investigators in both DeSoto and Bossier Parish have gathered evidence and witness statements supporting the allegation that Horn posed as a young girl, to lure the boy out of his friend's house and into his cab... Read More

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